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About Us

redcast heritage about us

Redcast Heritage Co. is a small multi-brand menswear online store based in Madrid (Spain) and strongly influenced by Japanese denim and vintage workwear.

All our brands have a common denominator when it comes to manufacturing their products: making garments using the best materials and artisan techniques available today. To do this, they use vintage looms and machinery as well as highly qualified craftsmen. All the garments and accessories we offer are taken to an extreme of quality and attention to detail that is difficult to encounter nowadays.

Our story

The Redcast Heritage Co. team is made up of Isabel and Eduardo (the writer of these lines), a young couple from Madrid whose dream has always been to establish a small business. Right from the start we set ourselves the goal of focusing on the textile crafts and above all to offer durable quality garments made with attention to detail that age in the best possible way.

For my part, I have always been passionate about quality casual menswear. I have worn such garments since I was very young and have always had a special predilection for denim. It was in 2008 when my obsession with finding the perfect denim put me in front of a pair of 17-oz. jeans by one of the most traditional labels in Japan. At that moment I realized that I was touching a totally different garment to what I understood by a pair of jeans. The fabric, the details, the construction, everything was taken to an extreme of quality I had never seen before.

From then on I began to fully immerse myself in the culture of Japanese denim and everything this implies: small brands from Kojima, shuttle looms, indigo dyes, different types of fabrics and cottons, etc. Soon after I also started to take an interest in other garments and materials closely associated with vintage workwear such as leather boots, wool or chambray. This particular hobby has led me to travel and discover new brands and products and to learn a great deal about this fascinating world.

We have spent many years searching around the world for artisans and small brands offering the best possible textile quality, always far removed from fast fashion and the concept of disposable wear.

Creating a store through which to channel this great passion through a selection of small brands and craftsmen that are a touchstone for us was the best way of making our dream come true and of humbly contributing to keeping alive the flame of tradition, the crafts and obsession with perfection.

Learn a bit more about us here.


Eduardo Sánchez

Co-founder of Redcast Heritage Co.

chambray shirt with chainstitching
stevenson overall selvedge jeans
vintage toyoda g3 shuttle loom denim