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Loop & Weft

Loop & Weft is a small knitwear brand from Yamanashi, Japan, a place that has historically been an ideal artistic setting for passionate people about their craft. It was founded in 2011 by Ryota Seguchi, who aim to contribute to producing the kind of pieces that become prized possessions.

The artisans of Loop & Weft are craftsmen dedicated to tradition. They use only 100% natural resources and vintage machinery. Each Loop & Weft item is carefully crafted with the skills and detailed attention of domestically experienced artisan knitwear specialists. They do their best to maintain the original quality of the raw materials without over–processing to present you with one of a kind items that stand the test of time.

For the absolute best of the best, look no further than Japan's Loop & Weft, who have been crafting top-tier tees and knitwear with an artisan's eye for more than a decade. Using rare vintage machines, their pieces undergo a tediously slow knitting process that results in incredibly dense and suspiciously soft fabrics with unique uneven textures derived from the combination of natural and recycled fibres. In their efforts towards eco-conscious production, they use natural dyes with low environmental impact, resulting in coveted, one–of–a–kind pieces with a trademark organic unevenness in colour.

Redcast Heritage Co. is proud to be the first European Union retailer of Loop & Weft.