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Momotaro Jeans

Momotaro is a Japanese denim brand that was founded in Kojima, Okayama in 2005. The brand takes its name from the famous Japanese folktale of Momotaro, which tells the story of a boy who was born from a peach and grew up to become a hero.

The brand's philosophy is centered around the concept of "Made by Hand Without Compromise", which reflects their commitment to using traditional techniques and high-quality materials to create their products. They work with skilled craftsmen in Kojima to produce their denim, and place a strong emphasis on attention to detail and quality control.

One of the unique features of Momotaro denim is their use of Zimbabwean cotton, which is known for its high quality, durability and unique fading characteristics. They also use a variety of different denim weights and finishes to create next level textures and styles.