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Pure Blue Japan

Since its emergence until today, Pure Blue Japan has consolidated its position as one of the touchstone labels in Japanese Denim, and its excellent work has established it as one of the masters of indigo dye.

Pure Blue Japan is the dream of Kenichi Iwaya. Passionate about denim, he grew up in Okayama and acquired experience working in different mills around the region, until in 1997 he decided to create his own brand. Ever since, Iwaya-San has been obsessed with producing incredible fabrics with unique, slubby textures and a distinct character. This is why he only works with shuttle looms from Ibara, Okayama, using only the best cottons from the United States and India.

Pure Blue Japan is a renewed Japanese vision of the classic jean, with modern cuts and unique fades appreciated by denimheads around the world. The excellent work carried out by the brand in recent years is remarkable, creating fantastic fabrics such as the now iconic "super slub" or "nep" and using hand-applied natural Tokushima indigo dyes for its incredible "Aizome" garments.