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Samurai Jeans

Samurai jeans have become a legend in the Japanese denim scene. Created in Osaka by Toru Nogami in 1997, Samurai represents the perfection of Japanese tradition, with its iconography of Sengoku-era Samurais and the search for the best and nothing but the best through materials, artisan garment-making techniques and unique detailing.

Following in the footsteps of Osaka’s Famous Five, Samurai started out by making its own version of the 501 (the S510XX) in 15oz, but very soon Nogami-San began experimenting with different weights. Having gone as high as 25oz, it is today one of the key brands of heavyweight denim. But not everything is grammage in denim: Samurai takes into account the climate, nature of the cotton, uneven yarns and then examines the traditional dyeing techniques and density, capturing the essence of true vintage selvedge denim using only vintage machinery.

In recent years Nogami-San has brought about some astounding changes in his collections, with new cuts and limited editions that keep up with the times while instituting some unique details such as wagyu leather patches, silver buttons with classic Japanese symbology, the iconic silver lamé selvedge or the new "kagemusha" pocket arcs among many others. Nogami-San’s obsession with perfection has even led him to grow his own cotton in the lands of Hyogo prefecture.

Samurai was the brand that introduced us to Japanese denim many years ago. Its incredible detailing, textures and perfection were the draw that pulled us into this world. Today we are tremendously proud to be one of the few retailers in the western world to carry Samurai jeans, allowing us to offer our clients some of the best jeans money can buy.