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The Tanuki brand was established in 2016 in Okayama Prefecture. It comprises a small group of great artisans who are passionate about denim and boast more than 30 years’ experience in other brands in the industry.

Tanuki is one of our touchstone brands in Japanese Denim not only for the tremendous quality and variety of their fabrics and finishes but also for the variety of modern fits and clean construction lines. Tanuki thus combines tradition and modernity and expresses it in their 二 (Ni) logo, two parallel lines in Japanese Kanji representing the number 2. The lower line represents the past, tradition, the standard, peace. The upper line represents the future, change, strength. The red and blue colours of their logo refer to Japan’s flag, honouring their roots as denim artisans.

Tanuki, with its commitment to craftsmanship, makes its jeans and jackets with denim originating in the antique Japanese shuttle looms found in Kojima. Its cordovan leather wallets are hand-stitched and painstakingly finished down to the very last detail by a hugely experienced Japanese master craftsman to achieve some of the best cordovan pieces we have seen to date. If there is something that characterizes Tanuki denim in addition to its modern cuts, it is the quality and variety of its fabrics, with prime importance given to the best cottons, natural indigo and the application of different types of tension on the shuttle looms when producing the fabrics.

Their passion for what they do and the quest for perfection focusing on a vision of the future makes us feel very proud of being able to include Tanuki among our brands.

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