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The Flat Head

The Flat Head is one of the benchmark Japanese repro Americana-style brands. Its founder, Mayashi Kobayashi, is known in the scene for being a die-hard fanatic of 1950s American style. Inspired by the music, motorbikes, cars, architecture of the era, and with a clear rockabilly influence, Kobayashi created in 1996 a truly authentic brand that today has some firm devotees, mainly within Asia. It stands out for the extreme quality of each one of its pieces. The brand is always very much aware of a curious philosophy that believes that a product is fully finished only after the customer has worn and moulded it to themselves.

Its now iconic horsehair jackets, its wallets, flannels, T-shirts and denim with incredible vertical fading are unrivalled and are without a doubt the best pieces money can buy.

After a brief halt in 2019 and a few organizational changes, The Flat Head has recently returned stronger than ever, with the same production and the same quality it has always had, keeping intact the extreme attention to detail that characterizes the brand. We are proud to be one of the few European stockists offering The Flat Head.