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The Rite Stuff

The Rite Stuff is a label created by Bryan Shettig, a devotee and great connoisseur of the workwear used in American factories in the early and mid-20th century. All the products from The Rite Stuff are painstakingly made in every detail in Japan by John Lofgren and his staff of highly qualified Japanese workers. John Lofgren is a Californian living between Japan and the USA, known for taking to extremes his obsession with quality and detail when producing one of the best Engineer Boots in the world under his own label. As well as boots, John Lofgren produces for The Rite Stuff some of the highest-quality garments in the world.

Thanks to this union between Bryan Shettig and John Lofgren, we can enjoy from 1920s-style triple-seam Chambray workwear shirts to Japanese Wabash fabric scarves to loopwheel T-shirts made in the Japanese Wakayama workshop, one of only two workshops in the world still keeping in operation after more than 100 years the tubular textile production machines that allow seamless garments to be made.

The Rite Stuff is a tribute to the factory workers of the first half of the 20th century and one of its prime objectives is to keep Japanese textile tradition alive, supporting not only its craftsmen but also their families by creating ethical and sustainable garments.

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