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Trophy Clothing

Trophy Clothing is a small Japanese label founded by Masaki Egawa, an enthusiast of vintage clothing and motorbikes. With durability as the prime objective and under the slogan of “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, the garments produced by Trophy Clothing are made from resilient materials and each one of their elements, from the fabrics to the last of the buttons, are made in Japan according to Japanese artisan textile tradition.

Masaki Egawa’s collections are imprinted with his passion for motorcycles, but he also takes inspiration from the classics of vintage American military clothing and denim, always enhancing them with an impeccable attention to detail that is unique in the world.

Trophy Clothing follows no fashions; it only aims for timeless pieces that will last the highest possible number of years.

Redcast Heritage Co. is proud to be the first European retailer of Trophy Clothing.

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