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UES Denim

UES is a small Japanese label founded by Chuji Matsumoto in 1994. UES comes from the English word “Waste”, which means that Matsumoto-San wants you to make full use of each garment for as long as possible before discarding it. It is a small judgement of the concept of disposable wear that is so commonplace today in the world of fashion and from which Matsumoto-San disassociates himself completely.

UES seeks to source the best possible denim fabrics and so works with a small Japanese workshop filled with antique shuttle looms making a denim from organic Zimbabwe cotton of the highest possible quality.

But it is not just denim that is present at UES. We can also find shirts, T-shirts, jackets, socks, etc., all of them painstakingly made according to traditional Japanese craftsmanship and Matsumoto-San’s obsession with offering garments that last over time.

For any denimhead visiting Japan, a stop at the UES Flagship Store in Daikanyama, Tokyo is a must. A little Japanese wooden house transformed into a veritable haven of peace, where you breathe in authentic Japanese tradition and passion for denim.

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