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Wonder Looper

Wonder Looper was founded by Risa Saito and Bahzad Trinos, driven by their unwavering passion for quality and creativity. Their journey began in Yokohama, Japan, where they specialized in chainstitch embroidery, utilizing antique hand-operated machines. However, they soon realized that generic t-shirts did not do justice to their intricate embroidery. Determined to surpass the ordinary, they embarked on a mission to create double heavyweight t-shirts, pushing the boundaries of traditional knitwear.

Wonder Looper is committed to redefining industry standards by crafting garments that not only showcase exceptional quality but also narrate captivating stories. In pursuit of this vision, they have expanded their collection to include an array of extremely heavyweight garments, ranging from hoodies and sweatshirts to sweatpants. Their dedication extends beyond becoming the best in the world of knitwear; they aspire to elevate the entire industry to new heights.