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Founded in 1949 by Mitsugu Tanabe, driven by an unwavering passion for baseball, Jackman traces its origins to the Tanabe Meriyasu factory in Fukui, Japan. Inspired by the distinctive stockings of American baseball teams post-war, Tanabe's commitment to excellence led him to create exceptional baseball stirrup stockings inventing new machines in order to yield a result superior to anything else available. The reputation of Tanabe Meriyasu quickly soared, becoming synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Notably, it supplied the training wear for the 1964 Japanese Olympic team.

Today, Jackman stands as the living embodiment of Tanabe's original vision. Each piece continues to be crafted in the very same factory, paying homage to the brand's commitment to unwavering quality. While the offerings have expanded beyond stockings, the spirit of Tanabe's dedication remains at its core. Original vintage machines are consistently utilized, maintaining a deliberate pace to ensure enduring quality.